YOY increase in organic traffic


YOY increase in revenue from organic traffic


YOY Increase in Conversions

Problems we are solving

Client had a high bounce rate on mobile, and desktop traffic was decreasing while mobile traffic was increasing. We quickly needed to figure out how to increase mobile conversions while maintaining a high user experience.

We optimized and redesigned the site to be mobile first. Changed CMS to WordPress and optimized site for SEO. While creating the site on the new CMS we had to ensure the site was not going to lose any SEO value and no broken pages. Broken pages and redirect issues are the most common technical issues we see in this process.

Services & Tools Used

  • GoDaddy – DNS Management 
  • Sitegroud – Hosting
  • WordPress – CMS
  • Google Analytics – Data Tracking
  • Google Search Console – Data Tracking and Submission
  • HotJar – Heat Mapping
  • Yoast – SEO Optimization 

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Ultimately, because of Ri’s SEO strategies and skilled Web Development team with enhanced knowledge of SEO trends, we were able to increase organic search traffic, increase revenue  from organic search traffic and have an overall increase in conversions site wide.

After the new site redesign we conducted a survey asking users what they thought of the new site. Often when you do a redesign your current customers tend to panic a little because the website looks different. In this case the users found the new redesign to be a lot easier to navigate and use. 

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