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Our digital marketing consulting services focus on helping our clients through strategy, design, development and advertising. Our experts understand what works in the market and can help produce immediate results as well as long term growth for your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the best ways to study analytics and trends. SSM brings those trends to the forefront of marketing strategies. In today’s world people continually check their social media accounts and favorite bloggers and vloggers during their down time. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are marketing tools for consumers and brands to interact easily and efficiently.

The benefit of Ads on Social Media

Ads and promotional information is at the forefront of these sites; while audiences scroll they are introduced to new and existing brands that are offering products they will likely be interested in. The biggest hurdle for businesses is to stay one step ahead of the trends at all times in order to reach the right target audience at exactly the best time possible. We study trends and create well designed marketing campaigns for businesses. Ri-Marketing professionals are able to effectively identify and assess each businesses target audience. This is key in creating effective social media marketing. People continually check their accounts at various times of the day and for their own personal reasons.


It is imperative to regularly launch new updates and news to frequently show in consumers’ newsfeeds while they are able to browse leisurely. Launching updates is only one step of the process. Our teams of marketing professionals monitor all social media posts to spot trends and gather data on how the social media marketing campaign is being received by the targeted customers.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

We continually research and track these SSM trends and our blog experts encourage brand awareness in all blogging communities and blog post forums to ensure the social media marketing campaign is reaching all possible members of the targeted group. The blog posts help identify key words and phrases through search engine key word recognition; this strategy yields more search results and online traffic. By targeting every aspect of social media use we are able to enhance the popularity of a brand and bring more online traffic to the business. Our consulting experts are able to effectively track all activity on each social media post and create reports on how each new launch is performing on the social media marketing network. By staying ahead of the curve and noticing these trends we are able to determine how each campaign is working and which ones need to be monitored more closely.

Brand Promotions through SMM

These in depth reports are able to give you valuable insight on what type of audience is being most receptive towards your brand. Once these trends are recognized we are able to focus on brand expansion through unique and well planned marketing campaigns in order to target different fan bases and consumers. Our goal is to continually provide brand expansion for our customers. By effectively targeting the right audience and then expanding to other likely targeted consumers we can promote brand awareness and extend the reach of your existing consumer base. Ri-Marketing utilizes content development and production combined with strategy and insights we can create marketing for our influence engagers. These influencers are able to then promote social advertising while we track digital activities that will help us provide insights and expand on marketing efforts.

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