Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an extremely successful way to gain a following for a product but it is not a fast and easy way for an immediate brand boost. SEO and PPC are strategies for fast and long term marketing solutions.

Influencer marketing falls into a long term positive result too but it is a bit more complicated to become affiliated with an Influencer. Once you establish a working relationship with an influencer you will have access to their online followers and how they perceive your brand. Our analytics team will study the response of the influencer’s followers to the brand and use this for additional marketing strategies.

What’s A Influencer?

An Influencer is a person who has devoted a large portion of their life to building their own brand. They have a strong online presence and have thousands if not millions of followers that check in on their sites, blogs and vlogs daily. These influencers covet their followers just as much as their followers look to them for advice and suggestions. Influencers will not simply endorse any brand. They will endorse and recommend brands to their followers that they themselves truly support and believe in.

The outreach of influencers is exponential and can create lasting long term positive results for your brand if you team up with the right influencer. Working with an influencer can take time because they are a human that is reaching a human following. They present the brand to their audience over time once they have had personal experience with it and can promote it on a personal level.

How to Acquire Influencers

Acquiring the best influencer for a brand is detrimental. Ri-marketing teams our customers with the most respective influencers to create a powerhouse collaborative team. In some cases influencers will want to meet with the business behind the brand and have a thorough understanding before they promote and introduce it to their followers. Smaller businesses have the advantage of becoming a follower of the influencer. The influencer will not just mention the brand and drop it. Influencers that believe in a brand will often devote time to the brand on their social media accounts.

This time includes a video presentation, blog and updates on the brand. By following the influencer the brand has an opportunity to directly comment and interact with the influencers followers. This makes their presence known and those followers will then begin following the brand. It is important at this point to have a marketing team to create a strong social media presence and website for those followers to interact with.  The Influencers followers will have expectations of the brand that is endorsed and our analytics team will follow market trends to create landing pages that flow seamlessly from the influencers recommendations directly to the brands site.

Influencer Marketing + Other Marketing Strategies

While influencer marketing is a long term solution for brand endorsement and promotion it can take time to establish a working online presence with an influencer. This marketing technique should be combined with quality content and web design as well as SEO and pay per click campaigns to bring the most traffic directly to your site. A combination of these strategies will help disperse your brands name across several platforms all at once.

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