Amazon Seller

Amazon has become one of the leading sellers for products globally. More than 50% of shoppers go to Amazon first when they are looking for a product. When you decide to sell your products on Amazon you cannot simply toss them up for sale like you would on an online auction site. You need a well thought out selling plan as well as appropriate content to hit your target market.

With Amazon leading the industry in convenience shopping and fair pricing Amazon sellers need to stay ahead of the curve and follow market trends to ensure their stores are frequented more than their other eCommerce competitors.

Selling on Amazon

Ri-marketing professionals will set up your Amazon seller account and then begin our comprehensive selling plan to help put your products at the top of the selling charts. We will begin by doing an audit of all your listed products. After reviewing these listings we’ll suggest any edits that are needed to help users navigate your listing easier and we will correct any errors that they may find.

Our team of content specialists will write quality descriptions and SEO content that will be engaging yet informative for your potential customers. We will replace stock photos with high quality product photos that capture your product in the best angle possible. In addition to these edits we’ll start our research and investigate competitors pricing and sales. This will be detrimental in ensuring your products are priced competitively within your online marketplace.

We incorporate our PPC strategies as well as our SEO content with the Amazon seller store so that consumers can quickly find your products over your competitors. We use key word targeting strategies to ensure that your products show up at the top of search engine results and our PPC (pay per click) campaigns will bring your products to the home pages of individual social media users’ accounts.

PPC campaigns utilize social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to reach larger target audiences. Consumers will see your ads as they are scrolling through their news feed and will be automatically redirected directly to your selling page.

Optimizing Your Amazon Store

When working with Amazon there are a few key things that are different than when you utilize Google or other search engine sites. Amazon is extremely key word specific. They use an entirely different search engine technique than standard search engines such as Google. The search engine strategies for Amazon target relevant products with precise key words. Buyers are presented with several options of the same product from different sellers.

Your picture and your pricing combined with your reviews will be what make your product stand out from your competitors. If your picture and pricing is the same as a competitor your buyers will then read your rating reviews to determine which seller to purchase from. It is important to keep a high ranking in customer satisfaction. Our marketing specialists will be able to create a one of a kind and easy to maneuver sellers’ page but it is the sellers’ responsibility to perform satisfactory business transactions that will sustain loyal customers.

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