Conversions increased


CTR% increased


Cost/Conversion decreased


Cost decreased

Problems we are solving

This client came to us with an unorganized PPC account. He was spending a lot of money & not receiving or driving a lot of sales. He also was lacking a lot of keywords for his industry in his account. His CTR% was suffering due to a lack of A/B testing & not utilizing the most up to date ads. His costs were also pretty high due to some low quality scores. 

  • Client had a very unorganized & messy account with little optimizations being done
  • Cost was too high
  • Little conversions
  • Not bidding on all of the potential available keywords
  • Not optimizing ads
  • Not looking into landing pages or quality score
  • Low CTR% relative to position
  • Not utilizing all ad extensions

Services Used

We dove into his Adwords account to find all of the opportunities he was missing in his account. We used keyword planner to research more terms his competitors were bidding on & he was lacking in his account to help increase volume & sales. We also utilized landing pages more specific to each product he was selling.

  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword research in Planner
  • Landing Page testing


All of the below were solutions to the opportunities & misses in his account. We have been able to reduce cost, increase sales & volume, increase his position in the auction, increase CTR%, and do more testing in his account.

  • A/B testing & writing new ad copy
  • New structure for his account
  • New campaigns built out
  • Organized and streamlined naming conventions
  • Landing page testing to improve quality score
  • Bid adjustments to help lower cost

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